Class Sessions

How do I book?
You will enrol prior to classes starting.  Vaccinations, booking forms and payment will be taken at this time.  This also allows for your dog to explore the training environment and for Marie to undertake an assessment.

All courses include:

  • Goody bag with free treats and clicker
  • A range of handouts
  • Graduation certificate and rosette

How long do classes last? 

Classes last for 45 minutes

How long is the course?

Every course progresses at you and your dog’s pace.  You just buy credits when you need them

How much does it cost?

The total cost is £80 for 6 credits payable prior to attending class

When does it start?

Classes are held on a rolling basis on a number of evenings providing customers with flexibility and choice

Where is the training held?

  • The classes are held at an indoor venue in Clitheroe.  Details will be provided prior to enrolment
  • There is a spacious training room indoors and free on-road parking outside the venue

What methods are used?

All training uses only scientifically proven, reward-based methods, including the use of a clicker

What if I want to see how you train first?

Marie welcomes potential clients to watch a class (without their dog) to provide you with confidence that you will be happy to train at Woofington Grammar School for Dogs

Woofington Grammar - School for Dogs
We offer highly accredited, highly recommended classes for your dog, premium home boarding and much more!

Dog Behaviour advice

One-to-one Training

1-1 Training
loose lead walking recall self control focus

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Dog Behaviour advice


We have over 9 years experience in dealing with Aggression, fear, phobias, jumping up, anxiety, destructiveness.

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Dog Behaviour advice

Class Training

Our classes include obedience, agility, tricks, scent-work all carried out by fully accredited professional Marie Howard-Deeth

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Dog Behaviour advice

Rescue Work

Over the years we have worked with the Bedlington Terrier Rescue, Cinnamon Trust The Oldies Club Dogs Trust Hounds First and many more.

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Dog Behaviour advice

Puppy Classes

Our Puppy training classes cover socialisation, basic obedience and responsible dog ownership.

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Home Boarding

Highly accredited and recommended premium home boarding services. Woofington lodge provides your 4 -legged companion with all the comforts playtime and attention they get at home.

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