Puppy Packages

Puppy Packages

Puppy training in your own home.
The benefit of 121 puppy packages is that the training is tailored to your needs, your dog’s breed traits and personality.  We can be flexible about what you want to focus on with your puppy which means that it won’t follow a particular classroom structure where I have to adopt a more generic approach.
The Puppy Package costs £180 and includes:
  1.  2-hour initial consultation
  2. A weekly visit for 5 weeks
  3.  Tailored training plan for your puppy
  4.  Additional training resources (links to YouTube videos, books, websites) tailored to your training needs
  5.  A further 3 months support via email or phone to discuss any  issues
The puppy package covers a number of subjects including:
  • Puppy socialisation/confidence building
  • Handling
  • Clicker training
  • Basic training cues for focus, self-control and walks
  • Play, food and other rewards.  Where and how to use them
  • Canine body language
  • Nutrition
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Recall
  • Dogs and children (should you need it)
The package also includes controlled greetings and play sessions with Marie’s 4 dogs to help owners understand canine body language, calming signals, stress signals and when to intervene.

Our services here at Woofington Grammar

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One-to-one Training

1-1 Training
loose lead walking recall self control focus

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Home Boarding

Highly accredited and recommended premium home boarding services. Woofington lodge provides your 4 -legged companion with all the comforts playtime and attention they get at home.

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Puppy Classes

Our Puppy training classes cover socialisation, basic obedience and responsible dog ownership.

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Rescue Work

Over the years we have worked with the Bedlington Terrier Rescue, Cinnamon Trust The Oldies Club Dogs Trust Hounds First and many more.

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Class Training

Our classes include obedience, agility, tricks, scent-work all carried out by fully accredited professional Marie Howard-Deeth

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