About Marie Howard-Deeth

marie howard-deeth

Professional Experience

Marie Howard-Deeth (FdSc) owns and runs both Woofington Grammar School for Dogs and Woofington Lodge. She has a foundation degree in canine training and behaviour from the University of Hull and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog trainers (MAPDT,  01289).  She is also working towards her Kennel Club Accredited Instructors award (membership number HM2130351).

Marie has been working with and training dogs professionally since 2008. She specialises in both obedience and agility classes and also offers one-to-one personal training and behavioural consultations.  Marie supports and volunteers for the following charities. Bedlington Terrier Rescue, The Cinnamon Trust, Four Paws Rescue, and the Oldies Club

She has two dogs of her own. Ruby, a 14-year old Cavalier Spaniel Cross and Syke, a 4-year old Whippet Cross. Both are rescue dogs.

Working hours


10am - 4pm


10am - 4pm


10am - 4pm


10am - 4pm


10am - 2pm

Friday and Sundays are closed.  However, weekends and evening hours may be available upon request.

Ethos, Methods and Development

Every dog, regardless of age or breed is capable of learning.  Using humane reward-based training helps strengthen the relationship between dog and owner.  No harsh methods of correction are used in training classes or in one-to-ones by Marie.  Dog training always contains an element of training humans so it is important that dog owners are made to feel as important as their dog.

The canine training and behaviour industry is largely unregulated in the UK.  This means anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or behaviourist and offer their services to dog owners.  Taking advice from unqualified or inexperienced people can result in potentially making the behaviour worse and could even be dangerous.

Marie uses the most up-to-date methods when training dogs.  These are based on modern, scientific, evidence-based techniques.  She also provides a fun environment for your dog to learn.   Marie enjoys teaching owners to improve their relationship with their dog and seeing a trustworthy and rewarding bond developed as a result.

Marie invests time and money into continuing professional development through seminars and conferences led by respected industry professionals. This ensures her knowledge and experience in the canine industry is kept up to date with the latest techniques.

“I strongly believe that people are at the heart of all good dog training and ensure that I treat people with dignity and respect.  I am approachable and have a positive attitude which I feel motivates people to want to train their dogs and build a rewarding relationship.”

Marie is a qualified neuro linguistic practitioner and experienced work mentor and is successful in getting the best out of people, regardless of how they learn.

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