Agility Training

Marie has been fully trained in agility by  Kim Hunt,  who is a leading dog agility competitor, instructor and judge.    Marie has attended the ‘pre-agility’, ‘introduction to equipment’ and ‘handling skills’ courses.   These courses are targeted at competent professional dog trainers.

Agility is often seen as the most fun of all dog sports.  It tests the dog’s fitness and the handler’s ability to train and direct their dogs over and through obstacles.  Beginners and intermediate courses are available.

The beginners course covers:

  • Focus on owner
  • Confidence buildingAgility training
  • Balance and spatial awareness of the 4 paws
  • Targeting an object
  • Proprioception exercises (going under, around and through low impact obstacles)
  • How to exercise self-control
  • Handling skills

Intermediate course covers

  • Jumping
  • Directional
  • Effective handling
  • Introduction to contact equipment
  • Working with tunnels, tyres, long jumps and hurdles

Agility requirements

  • Your dog will require a reasonable standard of obedience before attending the course as a high degree of self-control is required.
  • Your dog should be  omfortable in a class environment and be able to sit, stay and recall off-lead.Agility
  • You and your dog should be in good physical health

Physical health

The dog’s welfare is paramount to Marie. Whilst heights of obstacles are kept at a low level, any exercise could seriously compromise a dog’s physical health, resulting in serious injuries. Therefore, we do not accept:

  • Dogs with Hip or elbow dysplasia,
  • Sight problems
  • Long-backed dogs e.g. Dachshunds
  • Dogs under 8 months old
  • Very large breeds e.g. Great Danes will not be able to attend until 18 months of age

It is preferable that veterinary advice is sought prior to attendance to give your dog a clean bill of health.

If your dog has fear or aggression issues towards other dogs or people, a class environment may not be suitable.   Please let us know if this is the case and we can organise a one to one training session.

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Dog Behaviour advice

One-to-one Training

1-1 Training
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Class Training

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Rescue Work

Over the years we have worked with the Bedlington Terrier Rescue, Cinnamon Trust The Oldies Club Dogs Trust Hounds First and many more.

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Puppy Classes

Our Puppy training classes cover socialisation, basic obedience and responsible dog ownership.

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Home Boarding

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